You Don't Have to Install All New Wood Floors

We can handle all types of wood floor repairs in Spencerport, Greece & Brockport, NY

Are your wood floors damaged? You can trust Monroe Hardwood Flooring for reliable hardwood floor repairs. We have years of experience handling wood floor repairs for property owners in Spencerport, Greece & Brockport, NY, so you can expect us to produce seamless, beautiful results.

Cleaning and waxing your floors can help improve their appearance, but it isn't an effective, long-term solution. We're equipped with various techniques for removing and replacing damaged sections of red oak, white oak, maple and hickory flooring.

3 common reasons for repairs

3 common reasons for repairs

Some forms of wear and tear, like scratches and scuffs, don't require repairs. Our wood floor repair service is a great way to address...

  1. Water stains
  2. Urine stains
  3. Wood rot
Do you think you need hardwood floor repairs? Call 585-520-9485 today to consult with a pro. We'll provide a free estimate before we get started.