Make a Statement With Beautiful, Real Hardwood Floors

Speak to us about a wood floor installation in Spencerport, Greece & Brockport, NY

There's something so timeless and charming about hardwood flooring. If you want hardwood floors throughout your home or in your building's lobby, you can count on Monroe Hardwood Flooring for an exceptional hardwood floor installation. We have years of experience working with homeowners and commercial property owners in Spencerport, Greece & Brockport, NY.

You can choose from a variety of raw wood types, and then we can stain the color you like. Once we install it, we'll sand it down and apply three coats of sealant for maximum protection and longevity. You can learn more about our wood floor installation process by calling 585-520-9485 today.

Choose the right type of wood

Choose the right type of wood

Ready to schedule a hardwood floor installation? First, you'll need to consider what kind of floors you want. You have various raw wood options, including...

  • Red oak
  • White oak
  • Hickory
  • Maple
We're happy to help you choose the wood type that best aligns with your vision and needs. Contact us today to plan your new wood floor installation with a pro.